About Forbidden Beauty

Several years ago we got very excited at witnessing the development of the hempseed products industry in USA. Quality cosmetic products were being developed and eagerly purchased by beauty-savvy American consumers. Research articles attest to the amazing properties this incredible, yet previously forbidden, plant possesses. So amazing, that it is now transforming the cosmetics marketplace.

This got us thinking ….

What if we combined hempseed with the magical health, healing & beauty properties contained within New Zealand’s unique native plants. 

After years of research, and numerous willing participants, we can now finally present our luxury ‘Forbidden Beauty’ skincare range.

All of our skincare products contain NZ-grown hempseed oil, powerful NZ Manuka extract, which is world-renowned for its health and healing properties, Hyaluronic Acid Powder, and many other carefully selected ingredients, which are professionally formulated in a purpose-built laboratory right here in New Zealand.

Our unique skincare range is thoughtfully packaged with a polished metal applicator and eco-friendly reusable bag.

We are very excited about what we have produced and would love you to try for yourself, or buy as a gift for others to enjoy.

Our Forbidden Beauty product range is the luxury secret that has been hidden away from beauty itself …. until now!