About Forbidden Beauty

We listened to the experts.

This About Us page is not about what year our company started, where we are from, or even how good our skincare products really are. This is about how we listened to all the amazing New Zealand people that gave their time and expertise to help us create something truely special.

We listened to the experts that were generous with their time, knowledge and opinions. Experts that came from all walks of life.

We listened to the many women that told us they weren’t satisfied with the skincare products they were currently using. We listened to what they wanted to see in a skincare range. Many of these same ladies enthusiastically attended our numerous focus groups to test the various samples our R&D team produced.

We listened to highly skilled formularists, and our factory team, who helped put together something we could truely be excited and proud of.

We listened to the concerns and desires of females around sustainability,  balanced with eco-friendly packaging. We listened to all the issues, and what they considered was lacking with the more well-known brands.

After years of research and much valuable input from a broad cross-section of knowledgeable ladies, we can finally now present our luxury Forbidden Beauty skincare range.

All of our skincare products contain NZ Manuka extract (world-renowned for its health and healing properties), refined NZ hempseed oil, Hyaluronic Acid Powder, and many other carefully selected ingredients, some of which contain the magical health, healing & beauty properties that can only be found within New Zealand’s unique native plants.  All our skincare products are professionally formulated in a purpose-built laboratory, right here in the South Island of New Zealand.

Thoughtfully packaged with a polished metal applicator and a gorgeous reusable cotton drawstring gift bag, we are very excited about what we have produced. Please try for yourself, or buy as a gift for others to enjoy.

Our Forbidden Beauty product range is the luxury secret that has been hidden away from beauty itself …. until now!