Why a beauty gift set is the #1 present for her

Everyone loves a present, whether if be for birthday, xmas, valentines day, mothers day, or just to show to someone that they are really appreciated. The only problem is that buying some of the more obvious and traditional presents can have shortcomings, and also show a lack of originality (ie, boring). It can appear that you laboriously went through the motions, rather than gave any serious deep and meaningful thought to the giving. Buying beauty products as gifts can be fraught with the potential to end badly.

But buying beauty products doesn’t have to be this way.  You just have to apply some common-sense logic to the purchase. You may think you know the woman you are buying for, but do you really now what beauty product(s) she actually uses? A visit to your local beauty retailer will bombard you with a plethora of options, and the experience can be embarrassing if you are not very knowledgeable when it comes to anything related to beauty and skincare. Beauty and skincare products can sure be a very personable topic.

At Forbidden Beauty we understand all these problems, and how difficult choosing beauty products as a gift can be. We received numerous feedback from guys complaining about how hard it was to choose beauty products as a gift. This is why we designed several beauty gift set solutions that cover most items that a female recipient would want AND use. To this end, we have written a free ebook to help you navigate the beauty products minefield. A Blokes Guide To Buying Beauty Gifts, is a short ebook that will help you achieve the WOW factor you desire from her.

Needless to say, the three beauty gift sets we have created will achieve that WOW factor, and not break your budget in the process. Each gift set is very specific which makes it easy to determine what will be best for the person you intend to WOW :

  • Forbidden For Her     – One of our skincare products (of your choice) and all three of our three beauty products.
  • Totally Forbidden       – All of our three skincare products PLUS all our three beauty products.
  • Forbidden Skin Care  – All of of three skin care products.

To download the FREE ebook you can click on this link : {link here}

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The 29 goodies in our skincare products

At NZ Hemp Ltd, our ‘Forbidden Beauty’ product range has nothing to hide. We appreciate the modern-day needs of the discerning buyer wanting to know a product’s ingredients. Listed below are ALL the ingredients in our ‘Forbidden Beauty’ products, why we include them, what benefits they can give you, and which of our products they are in.

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